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Whiteout Christmas Contact Lenses

Get eyes like winter this Christmas by wearing these White Out Contact Lenses, which are available from at low and affordable prices!

Check out these gorgeous ColourVue Crazy Luna Eclipse Contact Lenses which will transform your eyes into a beautiful lunar eclipse design. The black outer ring of these lenses gives your eyes a dramatic appearance, one that will draw the attention of all your friends and family. These contacts are perfect for the Christmas season as they will make any Christmas fancy dress costume complete!

These ColourVUE White Out Screen Contact Lenses will make your eyes look like a snowstorm due to the special mesh design of these contact lenses, which will make your eyes look entirely white! These lenses would be perfect for a Christmas fancy dress party, as they could be worn with a snowman or Jack Frost costume! You’ll certainly stand out in the crowd whilst wearing these stunning contacts!

If you want to see more festive Christmas contact lenses visit, where we offer a huge range of Natural Contact Lenses and Fancy Costume Contact Lenses for low prices!

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