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White Contact Lenses for April Fools' Day

Create a truly frightening April Fools’ Day prank this year by wearing some ghostly whiteout contact lenses available from The whiteout lenses are always a big seller at Halloween due to their diverse nature, as they can be worn with practically any costume!

Price: £14.99

Check out these haunting Whiteout Crazy Contact Lenses which will transform your iris into bizarre white pools. The white colour will completely cover up your natural iris colour, no matter whether it’s light or dark. They will also define your pupils and make your eyes appear larger. These contact lenses are fantastic for April Fools’ Day pranks, as they can be worn with a huge range of costumes, such as; a ghost, a phantom or a witch to name a few! These contacts are a must have accessory for any Halloween costume!

Price: £14.99

These White Marilyn Manson Crazy Contact Lenses are similar to the contact lenses mentioned above, yet they have a dark outer ring around the iris, which will make your eyes appear bigger and more defined. These lenses last for 3 months, which means you’ll be able to use them not only for April Fools’ Day but many more special events too! They’re a real bargain at just £14.99! Plus, they’re perfect for giving your friends and family a scare this April Fools’ Day!

Visit for more of our Costume Contact Lenses, and whilst you’re there take a look at our Fashion Fantastic Contact Lenses, which are perfect for the upcoming April Fools’ Day!


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