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Twilight Movie Halloween Contact Lenses

If you’re a real Twihard and you’re planning on dressing up as one of the many characters of Twilight for Halloween this year, you’re going to need the contact lenses to match the beautiful enchanting eyes of the Twilight vampires and werewolves! Well you’re in luck as supplies some absolutely breathe taking Twilight Halloween contact lenses.

Check out these hypnotic Red Wolf Volturi Design Contact Lenses which will transform your eyes into that of the evil bloodsucking vampires of Twilight. The beautiful fusion and black, orange and red of these contacts really make your eyes pop! If you’re looking to cosplay Jane from the Volturi this Halloween these contact lenses are perfect, as they’re a must have accessory for completing any Volturi costume! You’ll be the envy of all Twilight fans whilst wearing these contacts and you’ll be bombarded with questions! These lenses are also available from ColourVue Volturi Twilight Movie Contact Lenses. Choose your coven by purchasing these deadly lenses!

If you would prefer to be a part of the Cullen’s vegetarian coven then these alluring ColourVue Twilight Movie Colour Contact Lenses are the lenses for you, as they make your eyes appear the same beautiful ocher, butterscotch, golden brown of Edward Cullen’s eyes. By wearing these contact lenses you’ll be able to cosplay just about any vegetarian Twilight vampire from the Olympic coven to the Denali coven! Amaze your friends and family this Halloween by purchasing these gorgeous contacts!

If you want eyes like the Twilight shape-shifters these Orange ColourVue Werewolf Crazy Colour Contact Lenses are perfect as they will make your eyes appear just like Jacob Black’s! The beautiful orange and yellow burst of colour against the black iris really makes your eyes have an enchanting appearance about them. Sadly whilst these lenses will give you the dazzling eyes of the Twilight shape-shifters you sadly won’t be able to shape-shift yourself. But who are we to stop you? We’re sure if you practice enough you’re more likely to achieve shifting into a wolf!

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