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Three Tone Blue Contact Lenses for Mother's Day

Price: £8.99

If you’re looking for a unique gift for Mother’s Day check out these gorgeous 1 Day Use Blue Coloured Contact Lenses, which are perfect for introducing new people to contact lenses; these contact lenses have a life span of just one day, which means there is no messy lens cleaning routine afterwards, as you can simple throw them away once you’ve worn them!

These contact lenses overlay a pattern with various shades of blue, over your natural eye colour to give your eyes a natural defined look. They’ll give you a really sophisticated yet unique look, which will certainly get some heads turning your way! These contact lenses are perfect for March as they feature a range of different shades of blue, and blue is often referred to the colour of March. Plus the different hues of blue will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter!

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