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Three Blends of Warmth through Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses

Hazel and brown lenses


Hazel has always been thought of as one of the warmer colours, offering subtle warmth to the eyes that often are commented on when natural. However, for those of you without the hazel eyes that you so envy, they too can be all yours. In fact, through Petrifeye, you can get three hot hazel contact lenses blends that are quite warm and inviting, offering coloured contact lenses without the prescription and high cost. prides itself on offering one of the broadest selections of non-prescription coloured contact lenses, ensuring that whether you are in the mood for funky coloured contact lenses or a more natural look that can be work daily to work you are getting what you want. Coupled with a great price, you are getting top quality as well, sure to enjoy your contacts for the duration of possible wear. With 30 day contact lenses offered, that is a whole month of comfortable wear from beautiful coloured contacts that are quite beautiful and very unique.


Hazel 1 tone lensesHazel 1 tone lenseshazel 3 tone lenses


Choosing the hazel contacts offered through, you get a selection of three hot fashion lenses: Honey, Warm Hazel, and Summer Hazel. These are three variable blends of hazel, which are quite warm and offer a different touch with each shade. You can go for a lighter look or a warmer hazel—the choice is yours.

High quality, a great price, and little hassle, Petrifeye’s design contact lenses are one thing, but these more natural hues are great for the workplace or a more modest function that requires a more modest dress code. If you enjoy these, there are other natural type blends you can choose from as well, from grey to blue and further throughout all the most desired contact colours, even stretching on towards UV reactive coloured contact lenses and those that feature some great designs you just can’t find everywhere.

Ordering from Petrifeye is easy, and offers the ability to access some pretty great contact lenses without having to search through sites you just don’t know if you can trust. Get your low cost contact lenses without a challenge, with quick shipping and a wonderful product you are sure to enjoy for the entire 30 days.



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