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Sparkle and Glitter For That New Year's Party

Before you know it, the fireworks will be going off again; you'll be hoisting your favorite beverage and ringing in the New Year. But long before that huge celebration you need to spend the time to primp and prepare so that you are a glittery as the night. Aside from your selection of clothes, you need to consider how to get that funky sparkle. The place to start is your face. Making your face up in funky neon’s or sparkle glitter are two ways to assure that you stand out as much as that ball dropping with the clock hits midnight.

You can start by using some funky hair products to colour your hair in just about any shade that you might desire. Stargazer makes awesome hair dyes in many colours, perfect for that New Year's Eve party look. Whether you want purple, blue, pink, yellow or many other colours, you can start the night with just the right sparkly neon hair.

Follow that up with some face powder, body paints and neon eye and lip pencils and you will be able to match the colour hair you selected and/or the outfit you have picked out for the occasion. In fashion, it’s all about being different and unique. You can use these accessories to give you an extreme look and one that is sure to not only be attractive but even more importantly, be noticeable.

Body Paints
In addition to the cosmetics and hair colour that you can get, you can also consider adding non-prescription contact lenses. These designer lenses also come in many of the same colours as the Stargazer line of skin and face cosmetics. So, if you are wearing a silver gown, you could match it with red hair and funky neon cosmetics and perhaps grey or red coloured contact lenses. Now won't that make you stand out?

Take a look at all the possibilities you can now order on line and after you decide what you are wearing, buy all your accessories so that your ensemble is complete. Don't wait too long though, before you know it, the New Year will come and go.

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