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Seductive Vampire Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

With Halloween lurking within the shadows waiting to jump out it’s about time you got your Halloween costume sorted out, right? Why not transform yourself into a seductive bloodsucking vampire this Halloween, and purchase some stunning vampire contact lenses from!

Dramatize your eyes this Halloween by purchasing these hypnotic Vampire Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses which turn your entire pupil into an elongated cat eye surrounded by a red iris. Let people see the hunger in your eyes whilst wearing these sensuous contact lenses. These theatrical contact lenses will add the edge to your costume that you’ve been missing! These contact lenses have proven to be a favourite amongst our costumers time and time again.

If you want to achieve the seductive yet piercing eyes of a rogue vampire then why not try mesmerising Blood Red Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses which make your irises appear vibrant blood red. Put everyone under your spell whilst wearing these freakishly beautiful contact lenses. Everyone will be absolutely overwhelmed when they see that your entire iris has changed colour! You’ll be the life and soul of the party- metaphorically of course, seeing as you’re dead and all.

If you’re looking to play the role of a bewitching vampire this Halloween then these ColourVue Vampire Crazy Colour Contact Lenses are the perfect contact lenses for you. With these alluring crimson lenses you’ll attract all kinds of attention! Although wearing these contact lenses will supply you with the intensely intoxicating eyes of a vampire, you sadly won’t achieve immortality.

Invest in these scarlet red ColourVue Red Screen Crazy Colour Contact Lensesand give your friends a real fright this Halloween when they realise that your entire eye has turned blood red! The special mesh design of these contact lenses enables you to be able to see whilst other people will just see your entirely red eyes. Let your bloodlust show this Halloween! These crazy contact lenses are sure to get you noticed no matter where you go!

Do you want to dress up as your favourite vampire from the Twilight saga this Halloween? Then why not check out's range of Twilight lenses, from Twilight Volturi Contact Lensesto Twilight Contact Lenses For An Edward Cullan Lookyou’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Achieve Edward’s beautifully bewitching eye colour by purchasing these beautiful ocher Twilight Contact Lenses For An Edward Cullan Look and become the envy of every Twilight fan!

If you’re planning to dress up as a vampire this Halloween you will need the makeup to match, right? Check out’s range of Stargazer cosmetics to find the perfect vampire makeup, from Bright Red Lipstick By Stargazer which turns you lips bold blood red to Jet Black Lipstick By Stargazerthat turns your lips into a beautiful glossy ebony colour you’re sure to find the perfect lipstick for Halloween. If you’re looking to achieve the porcelain white complexion of a vampire this Halloween then Stargazer White Liquid Foundation is perfect for you as it gives a strong matte coverage that is perfect for Halloween- this product is always a favourite when Halloween comes around as most people use this foundation for face paint.

All of the contact lenses listed above have a (unless stated otherwise) 90 days expiry date after the first day of opening, which means these contact lenses can be worn after Halloween as they’re perfect for clubbing, cosplay conventions, partying and raving! All contact lenses come with a free bottle of cleaning solution and a storage container. Visit to see the entire range of Vampire Contact Lenses and Halloween Contact Lenses!

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