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Scary Sorcerer and Sorceress Halloween Contact Lenses a huge range of Halloween Contact Lenses which includes an extensive section of wizard contact lenses, which are perfect for Halloween!

Do you want to dress up as Merlin from BBC’s Merlin this Halloween? Check out these amazing Cool Clear Blue Coloured Contact Lenses which will give you the beautiful bright blue eyes akin to that of Merlin’s.  Cast a spell on everyone you meet whilst wearing these bewitching lenses. Amaze your friends and family this Halloween by paying attention to detail, and purchase the perfect Halloween accessory!

If you’re attempting to terrify your friends and family this Halloween check out these supernatural appearing Crazy White Out Block Contact Lenses which make your entire iris appear a ghostly white! These contact lenses make your eyes appear as if you’re casting an evil spell- they’re perfect for achieving an evil sorceress/sorcerer appearance! You’re sure to freak people out whilst wearing these lenses as they make your eyes appear as if they’re watching peoples every move! These contact lenses are also available in a pitch black and go by the name of Black Out Block Coloured Contact Lenses. ColourVUE also supplies a variation of these contact lenses which cover your entire iris and pupil to make your eyes absolutely white, which are called White Screen Crazy Contact Lenses. These ColourVUE lenses have a special mesh design which enables you to see through the contacts whilst other people will just see your altogether white eyes.

If you’re looking to dress up as a white witch or mage check out these fascinating Yin Yang Design Classic Contact Lenses which make your eyes look like the dynamic Yin and Yang symbol. These mesmerizing contact lenses will really attract some attention due to their intricate design. People will be absolutely astonished when they see that your eyes are Yin and Yang symbols!

Why not cosplay the enchanting Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy VIII this Halloween, with these possessive Yellow Cat Eyes Crazy Wild Contact Lenses? These lenses are a must have accessory for achieving the perfect FFVIII cosplay, and you're sure to amaze everyone you encounter when they see just how much effort you've put into your cosplay. Captivate everyone you see by casting your bewitching vibrant yellow eyes upon them. They won't be able to resist you charm.

If you’re looking to transform yourself in a seductive sorcerer/sorceress this Halloween check out’s extensive range of Spooky Halloween Contact Lenses and Cosmetics! You’re sure to find something suitable to your tastes!

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