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Scary Marilyn Manson Halloween Contact Lenses

Do you want to look like the gothic rock god, Marilyn Manson this Halloween? Well a huge range of contact lenses dedicated to the rock god himself! From Red Block Fun Contact Lenses to Black Out Block Coloured Contact Lenses you’re sure to find what you’re looking for- the choices are endless!

Why not try these freaky Black Out Block Coloured Contact Lensesthat turn your entire iris black making your eyes look like a never ending abyss. These contact lenses would be fantastic paired with these Stargazer Reusable False Eyelashes ExtraLong Black & Diamonte to create a surreal and seductive Halloween look! You can wear these contact lenses with just about any Halloween costume as they’re so diverse! These theatrical lenses are a must have accessory for any Halloween costume! Check out these Black Manson Wild Look Contact Lenses which are variation of the contact lenses mentioned above, with a ring of vibrant red around the black iris these contact lenses would be perfect for a blood thirsty vampire look. Add a flamboyant flavour to these lenses by wearing them with these extravagant Stargazer Reusable False Eyelashes Extra Long Black!

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your Halloween costume this year why not check out these Purple Neon UV Reactive Coloured Contact Lenses which come in a range of vibrant colours from green to white, you’re sure to find the colour you’re look for! The white colour wheel in these contacts always proves to be popular around Halloween due to the versatility of the design. With these eerie Crazy White Out Block Contact Lenses you can dress up as just about any for Halloween! You’re sure to provide a real fright this year when people see that your entire iris is white! Use Stargazer Gothic White Liquid Foundation with these intense lenses to create contrasting colours between your black pupil and white face!

Feast your eyes on these intensely coloured UV Reactive Coloured Contact Lenses which will astound your friends and family! Check out these ColourVue Pink UV Glow Crazy Contact Lenses and dramatize your eyes this Halloween! These contact lenses would be perfect for a seductive temptress look! These lenses are also fantastic for clubbing, partying and other fancy dress occasions.

All of the contact lenses mentioned have a (unless stated otherwise) 90 days shelf life after the first day of opening. Check out for more amazing contact lenses and cosmetics!

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