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Scary Halloween Zombie Contact Lenses

Are you looking to spruce up your Halloween costume this year? Then why not check out’s extensive range of Crazy Halloween Contact Lenses!

Do you want to dress up as a crazed zombie this year? Then these freakish Green Zombie Cat Eyes Crazy Contact Lenses are the contact lenses for you, as the split pupil of these lenses makes you appear like a deranged corpse! These contact lenses are super creepy and you’re sure to give your friends a real fright this Halloween! If you’re really looking to impress your friends this Halloween then try out these menacing Crazy Bones Fancy Dress Contact Lenses which will make your eyes appear as if they're skull and cross bones. If you’re looking to bring an edge to your Halloween costume this year these contact lenses will definitely supply that edge! These funky lenses will shock and amaze your friends all at the same time!

Check out these amazing Blood Zombie Look Contact Lenses that will cause a fright in everyone you meet! These zombie lenses are a must have accessory for any Halloween costume as they give your eye that glazed look that only the living dead could achieve. Cause your friends and family some real panic this Halloween by wearing these horrific lenses! If you’re looking to give your friends a real scare this Halloween then try out these sickening Blood Splat Coloured Contact Lenses that have a red blood splat around the pupil, these contact lenses make your eye appear as if it’s oozing blood! If looks could kill these would be the contact lenses to do it!

If you want to achieve the glazed brainless look of a zombie these terrifying Crazy White Out Block Contact Lenses are the lenses to buy, as they make your entire iris an eerie pale white colour! You’ll really shock your friends when they see that your iris has change to white!

All of the contact lenses above last for 90 days (unless stated otherwise). Visit for more Crazy Halloween Contact Lenses!

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