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Natural Christmas Fashion Contact Lenses

If you’re looking to spice up your Christmas wardrobe this winter check out these gorgeous Christmas Fashion Contact Lenses, which will compliment your winter wardrobe perfectly as these colours have been specifically chosen for the winter season!

Take a look at these stunning Warm Winter Blue 3 Toned Contact Lenses which feature three different colour tones to compliment a wide range of skin tones. The pupil of these lenses is surrounded by a beautiful colour burst of light brown, which draws attention to the cool blue pigment of the lenses making your eyes look larger, more defined and more dramatic. These lenses are a real bargain for just £12.99 as they last for one month after the first day of opening- you certainly get your money’s worth!

Check out these 3 Toned Glamorous Green Contact Lenses which are similar to the lenses mentioned above but feature a green colour combination instead.  These contact lenses are one of our most popular sellers due to their natural colour combination, which makes your eyes look brighter to give your eyes a breath-taking appearance! These lenses are available for just £12.99 too, which means they won’t eat away at your Christmas budget this year!

These3 Toned Warm Hazel Contact Lenses feature three different tones of hazel making your eyes look extremely warm. These lenses are perfect for Christmas as the hazel colours compliments the winter season perfectly, as hazel is often associated with a warm and loving atmosphere. These lenses will certainly get you noticed as they will give you a striking yet elegant appearance!

If you’re looking to make a real entrance this Christmas then these Aqua Burst 3 Toned Contact Lenses are the lenses for you, as the combination of the three different aqua tones makes for a really beautiful contact lens. These lenses are perfect for the winter season as they will give your eyes a dramatic and luxurious appearance, and they’re a real bargain at just £9.99- they would make a perfect Christmas present!

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