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Halloween Werewolf Lenses

Get a pair of spooky Werewolf Contact Lenses this Halloween and transform your eyes into that of a crazed werewolf!

Make a real statement this Halloween by wearing these breathe taking ColourVue Orange Werewolf Scary Contact Lenses, which will transform your eyes into a beautiful amber colour which is accentuated by the ring of black around the iris. These contact lenses are perfect for a werewolf costume as real wolves such as timber wolves usually have striking gold eyes! These lenses will enhance your entire appearance and make you have a mythical appearance.

Embrace your wild side with these stunning Aqua Wolf Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses, which will supply your eyes with beautiful flecks of blue against a contrasting black backdrop. These contact lenses are absolutely amazing, and would look fantastic paired with fangs and fake fur! These lenses will supply your Halloween costume with the right dose of drama to shock all of your friends and family, and will cause a real stir at any fancy dress party! These contacts are also available in magnificent red and yellow. Wear these hypnotic lenses in the alluring crimson to achieve a crazed blood thirsty werewolf look!

Discover your inner animal with these striking Red Block Fun Contact Lenses, which transform your iris into a rich crimson colour. These lenses are perfect for a achieving a crazed transformed werewolf look as they give your eyes a stir crazy appearance- they’re truly frightening! Put everyone you make eye contact with under a spell with these spellbinding lenses. These contacts are available in a range of colours from a vibrant blue to a ghostly white, the possibilities are endless as these contact lenses are so diverse and can be worn with practically any Halloween costume!

 Last but not least, feast your eyes upon these 1 Day Use Werewolf Coloured Contact Lenses, which will give your iris a black backdrop with a beautiful gold colour burst around the pupil. These contact lenses are a real masterpiece, and will make your eyes look absolutely gorgeous! These lenses only last one day therefore if you’re looking for a pair of contacts that you only plan on using for Halloween they’re perfect, as they’re high quality yet inexpensive at just £8.99. These lenses are a real bargain, and will complete any Halloween costume!

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