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Halloween Special FX Contact Lenses

Make a scene this Halloween by wearing’s Scary Halloween Contact Lenses, which feature numerous contact lenses but out of them all the most artistic has to be the photographic Halloween contact lenses, which literally make your eyes appear as a symbol of some kind, such as a biohazard symbol!

Become the centre of attention this Halloween by wearing these psychotic looking Hazard Rave Contact Lenses, which transform your eyes to look like a yellow and black biohazard sign! These contact lenses would be perfect for a deranged mad man or zombie costume as they practically scream danger! These lenses also have a reminiscent appearance of Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation, which features a black and red biohazard/umbrella logo. These lenses are avaliable from ColourVUE and feature a slightly different design, and go by the name of Bio Hazard Sign Contact Lenses

Transform your eyes into Batman’s signature logo by wearing these amazing ColourVue Batman Hero Contact Lenses, which make your eyes appear exactly like the classic Batman symbol. These lenses are perfect for adding the finishing touches to any Batman Halloween costume, as they are a beautiful vivid yellow colour which make your eyes stand out! You’re definitely going to get noticed whilst wearing these lenses!

If you’re planning to dress up as a pirate this Halloween these Pirate Skull & Bones Contact Lenses are a must have accessory, as they’re certainly going to get some heads turning due to their crisp clear skull and cross bone design! These contacts are fantastic for creating a bold statement as they will add the edge to any Halloween costume, and would look amazing paired with a spooky skeleton costume!

Get people smiling with these funky Acid Smile Coloured Contact Lenses, which transform your entire eye to look like a classic raving smiley face! These contacts are perfect for jazzing up your Halloween costume, as they give of a creepy but fun appearance. You’re sure to put a smile on someone’s face when they notice your eyes are smiling right back at them!

Create a really striking look by wearing these stylish Lucky Black Cat Contact Lenses, which will change your eye into a cute cat! These lenses are perfect for adding a bit of flare to any Halloween costume, as people will be really impressed when they notice that your entire eye look like a cat! These contacts would work really well with a catwoman costume.

These intense Horny Demonic Devil Contact Lenses are perfect for anyone wanting to add shock value to their Halloween costume this year, as they make your eye look like an adorable devil! These lenses are really funky and will certainly get a few heads turning when you walk into a room, and you’re sure to be asked numerous of questions about your creepy new contacts!

Make a real entrance wearing these berserk appearing ColourVue Crazy Skull Head Contact Lenses that will make your eye appear like a skull! These contacts are really funky and would look amazing worn with a pirate or skeleton Halloween costume, and they’re sure to provide real shock factor to everyone who sees you wearing them!

Make a statement whilst wearing these fascinating Yin Yang Spiritual Coloured Contact Lenses which make your eyes look like the classic dynamic Yin and Yang symbols. These mesmerizing contact lenses will really attract some attention due to their intricate design. People will be absolutely astonished when they see that your eyes are Yin and Yang symbols!

Enter the digital world of the Matrix whilst wearing these Matrix Film Contact Lenses. These lenses transform your eyes to look like a digital wired white circuit, and are fantastic for giving your eyes a digitized look! These contacts would look amazing paired with a Matrix Halloween costume!

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