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Halloween Film Contact Lenses

If you’re looking for the perfect movie contact lenses this Halloween have a read of this blog, as here at we have a huge range of movie contact lenses which are perfect for any Halloween costume. From Alice in Wonderland to the action packed Avengers, you’re certainly going to find something to suit your tastes this Halloween!

You can also transform yourself into the infamous Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, this Halloween by wearing these breathe taking ColourVue AIW Mad Hatter Contact Lenses, which will make your eyes a beautiful lime green colour akin to that of the crazed Hatter himself! These contact lenses are absolutely stunning and you’re sure to draw attention to yourself whilst wearing these beauties, as people won’t be able to take their eyes of your gorgeous jade green eyes! Achieve the perfect Mad Hatter cosplay by purchasing these charming lenses. Check out our Alice in Wonderland blog here, for more Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume inspiration.

If you’re a fan of the hit 2012 The Avengers and you’re looking to cosplay as the incredible Hulk this Halloween, take a look at these ColourVue Hulk Green Crazed Contact Lenses which will transform your eyes into a green haze akin to that of the Hulk. These lenses are really intense and you’ll certainly attract some attention whilst wearing them, as people will be amazed by your vibrant green eyes! Pair these lenses with this Stargazer Green UV Face/Body Paint to create the ultimate incredible Hulk look! By wearing this UV reactive body paint you’ll stand out in any crowd, after all you’ll be glowing bright green!

If you’re a real Twihard and you’re planning on dressing up as one of the many characters of Twilight for Halloween this year, Check out these hypnotic Twilight Volturi Design Contact Lenses which will transform your eyes into that of the evil bloodsucking vampires of Twilight. The beautiful fusion and black, orange and red of these contacts really make your eyes pop! If you’re looking to cosplay Jane from the Volturi this Halloween these contact lenses are perfect, as they’re a must have accessory for completing any Volturi costume! You’ll be the envy of all Twilight fans whilst wearing these contacts and you’ll be bombarded with questions! These lenses are also available from ColourVue Scary Volturi Twilight Contact Lenses. Choose your coven by purchasing these deadly lenses! If you want more Twilight Halloween contact lenses check out our Twilight Movie Halloween Blog.

These beautiful yet bold Yellow Cats Eye Crazy Wild Contact Lenses are purrfect for replicating Madam Rolanda Hooch’s eyes from Harry Potter. People will be absolutely astounded when they see that your eyes are that of a cat, they won’t be able to take their eyes off you due to your hypnotic glare! You can also achieve the red eyes of Voldemort with these ColourVue Voldemort Scary Contact Lenses, which will transform your eyes into a chilling crimson. You’re certainly going to impress your friends and family whilst wearing these lenses, as people won’t be able to stop looking at you!

Achieve the same beautiful blue eyes which Orlando Bloom sports in The Lord of the Rings whilst wearing these Cool Saphire Coloured Contact Lenses. These lenses will give you the same crystal clear blue eyes of the elven Prince Legolas Greenleaf. Amaze your friends and family this Halloween by paying attention to detail by wearing these cool blue contacts with your Legolas cosplay.

If you’re a fan of Stephen Sommers’ Van Helsing and you’re planning to dress up as one of Dracula’s brides this Halloween, check out these UV Purple Violet Contact Lenses which are perfect for dressing up as Aleera, as they give you the same enchanting violet glowing eyes which Aleera sports throughout the 2004 film. These lenses are also available in blue and yellow, which are the same coloured eyes which Verona and Marishka sport throughout the entirety of the film.

Transform your eyes to look like the Na’vi  from James Cameron’s, Avatar by wearing these Avatar Crazed Contact Lenses which will make your eyes the same citrus yellow colour similar to the Na’vi. These contact lenses are extremely eye-catching and people won’t be able to stop staring at you whilst you’re wearing these- curiosity will get the better of even the most level headed people.

Make your eyes look like Storm for X-men by wearing these ColourVUE White Screen Scary Contact Lenses, which will transform your eyes into a white screen. These lenses are really creepy looking as they give you a dazed appearance, and are perfect for a Storm costume as they make your eyes look like you’re about to alter the weather!

Get the enchanting ice blue eyes of Selene from the Underworld film series with these captivating ColourVue Film Underworld Selene Contact Lenses, which will make your eyes appear the same vampiric blue of Selene’s. These lenses are really quite enchanting and you’re certainly going to have a few people under your spell by the end of the night, whilst wearing these lenses.

You can also achieve the same tormented eyes of Darth Maul from Star Wars whilst wearing these ColourVue SW Darth Maul Contact Lenses, which will change your eyes into a beautiful red and yellow fusion.

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