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Green Neon UV Reactive Coloured Contact Lenses that Shock the Crowd

uv neon coloured contact lenses

So you are getting your Halloween getup together and want to make sure that you are as shocking as possible? Well, you have several choices from, one of the most notable being the Green Neon UV Reactive coloured contact lenses.

Yes, these are standard colour block lenses, but the UV reactive qualities make them almost toxic green, which could be no more perfect for Halloween than any other of the popular pairs of fashion contact lenses from Petrifeye. These lenses stand out under the UV lamps, which is great for those of you who are hitting a party or two for the ghoulish holiday evening.

The UV lights will make these lenses stand out completely, bringing an almost surreal quality to your eyes as people across the room can see your eyes piercing through the crowd. This is a great feature for those of you hoping to get that special someone to take notice of your unique and fantastic Halloween costume that you worked so hard on.

Whether you are going in the typical attire you always wear or getting a complete costume together, these lenses are a fan favourite, and will surely become a favourite for you as well. The green in the contacts is so eerie that they are perfect for giving off a scare, while they are also glamorous enough to bring about a few winks and smiles from those checking you out during the evening parties and events you may be planning to visit.

The Halloween spirit has never let us down, and these lenses bring it alive once again and each year, with the perfect way to make a statement while leaving a deep impression that you really know your stuff when it comes to fashion and products that are sure to wow the crowd.

These Green Neon UV Reactive nonprescription coloured contacts are so great for anyone of any type of style, and are sure to help you start your own Halloween trend amongst your friends and even those who don’t know you too well as they will leave a memory that is everlasting on those who see your crazy eyes.

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