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GOT White Walker Contact Lenses

To celebrate the release of the third season of Game of Thrones, here at we’re offering these chilling White GOT Walker Contact Lenses!

GOT White Walker Contacts

White Walker Contact Lenses

These GOT White Walker Contact Lensesare a fantastic gift for any Game of Thrones fan, as they will make the wearers eyes appear the same ghostly ice blue colours as the white walkers! These contact lenses will also glow a ghoulish UV blue when placed under dark or UV lighting, which is perfect for achieving the same eerie appearance as the others. Plus, these contact lenses are also great value for money, and will last you an entire year after the first day of opening. Which means you’ll get plenty of wear out of them, as you can wear them to events such as comic con, or special occasions, such as; Halloween, Bon Fire Night and New Year’s day!

Also, all our contact lenses here at with a free bottle of lens solution and a storage case, which ensures that you can keep your lenses in perfect condition, and you won’t have to worry about buying and extra accessories, as they all come free!

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