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Final Fantasy Cosplay Contact Lenses

Are you a huge fan of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy game series, do you want to cosplay your favourite Final Fantasy character this Halloween? Well you’re in luck as offers a huge range of contact lenses which can be used in your Final Fantasy cosplay!

These Cool Saphire Blue Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for achieving eyes just like Cloud Strife (FFVII). These lenses consist of three different colour tones from a ring of dark blue around the iris, to a beautiful sky blue which melds into a slight green colour, which perfectly defines Cloud’s mako poisoned eyes.  These contact lenses are the basic accessory needed for any Cloud Strife cosplay because let’s be honest, if you haven’t got the same eye colour of Cloud your cosplay just isn’t going to cut it!

Do you want your eyes to look like Vincent Valentines (FFVII)? Then feast your eyes upon these vivid Red Block Fun Halloween Contact Lenses that make your eyes appear as if they’re glowing. They’re a must have accessory for any Vincent Valentine cosplay as they will make your eyes as hypnotic as Vincent’s! Make your eyes look just like the former Turk’s with these mysterious looking lenses! You’ll certainly shock people when they see that your eyes are a vibrant blood red.

If you’re looking to achieve the chilling Jenova green eyes of Sephiroth (FFVII) then you should check out these amazing Green Cat Zombie Eye Coloured Contact Lenses. These contact lenses will make your eyes appear as cold and heartless as Sephiroth’s eyes. Become an elite Shinra SOLDIER with these eerie green lenses. You’ll certain cause a stir whilst wearing these creepy lenses at Halloween!

Get the seductive eyes of Sorceress Edea Kramer with these possessed appearing Yellow Wild Cat Eye Contact Lenses Final Fantasy VII! These contacts are a must have accessory for achieving the perfect Sorceress Edea FFVIII cosplay, and you're sure to amaze everyone you encounter when they see just how much effort you've put into your cosplay. Captivate everyone you meet by casting your bewitching vibrant yellow eyes upon them. They won't be able to resist you charm.

If you want beautiful purple eyes like Terra Branford (FFVI) you should take a look at these vibrant ColourVUE Violet Block Funky Lenses Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses. These lenses will transform your eyes in an exquisite lavender colour akin to that of the enslaved weapon, Terra. These contacts look absolutely gorgeous against both Terra’s green and blonde hair colour, as the violet creates a serene contrasting harmony between either colour. Cast everyone under your spell with these attractive orchid contacts.

If you plan to cosplay the summon Shiva who has featured in every main Final Fantasy game these magnificent True Blue Sky Contact Lenses would be perfect, because they make your eyes appear as cold as ice. These lenses will cause a chill to run up everyone’s backs when they see how beautiful, yet stone cold your eyes appear! Stargazer Saphire UV Reactive Face and Body Paint would be excellent for achieving Shiva’s crystal skin colour.

These Green Velvet Contact Lenses and True Blue Sky Contact Lenses would work beautifully with a Yuna (FFX) cosplay! Whilst you would have to buy these lenses separately they would also work for other cosplays such as Tidus (FFX), Zack Fair (CC:FFVII) and Lightning (XIII). These contacts are extremely diverse as they last for 90 days after the first day of opening, which means they’re work every penny as you can wear them not only for Halloween and cosplay conventions, but other special occasions too!

Transform your eyes into Lulu’s (FFX) smouldering stoic hazel eyes with these stunning ColourVUE Gorgeous Hazel Circle Lenses! It is often difficult to see Lulu’s eye colour but she does in face have beautiful red-brown eyes that often look quite threating, but underneath Lulu is a real sweetheart. If you want to perfect your Lulu cosplay this Halloween then these are the lenses for you! You could also use these charming hazel contact lenses for a Rinoa Heartilly cosplay! If you want your eyes to stand out more in your Lulu cosplay then we suggest you check out these ColourVue Wild Fire Crazy Colour Contact Lenseswhich will make your eyes appear as if they’re on fire! These contact lenses are absolutely stunning, and will certainly get some heads turning your way this Halloween.

Are you looking for the perfect contacts for your Tifa Lockhart cosplay? Well look no further, as these beautiful wine red Red Block Fun Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for the job! These contact lenses will show your inner passion, and they’re a must have accessory when attempting to achieve the perfect Tifa cosplay! Tifa is a gorgeous complex character and deserves the up most attention to detail when attempting to cosplay her, so don’t let you cosplay down by not wearing the perfect lenses.

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