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Film Contact Lenses for Christmas

If you’re planning a fancy dress party this Christmas you’re going to want a top notch costume, right? Well offers a huge range of contact lenses which are perfect for complimenting your Christmas fancy dress costume this year!

You can dress up as The Grinch this year with these hypnotic ColourVue UV Reactive Green Colour Contact Lenses which will turn yours eyes into the jealous greens of The Grinch! These contact lenses are guaranteed to get some heads turning you way this Christmas, and they’re a real bargain at £17.99 as they last for a whole year after the first day of opening. Just make sure you don’t steal any of the kids Christmas presents as we doubt they would be too impressed.

If you want to dress up as Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas this year these White Out Film Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for you, as they give you the same creepy white eyes of Sally. You’ll certainly be the centre of attention whilst wearing these contact lenses as people will be amazed why the see your irises are entirely white- try not to scare the kids though!

You can also get the same dead eyes of Jack Skellington with these Black Out Film Contact Lenses which will make your eyes appear entirely black! Add some creepy gothic atmosphere to Christmas this year by paying homage to Tim Burton’s masterpiece! These contact lenses can also be used to replicate Jack Frost’s the snowman’s button eyes too!

Check out these Jack Frost Film Contact Lenses which are available for just £14.99, and the last a whopping 90 days after the first day of opening- they’re a bargain! These lenses are perfect for a Jack Frost Christmas fancy dress costume as they will make your eyes look like snowflakes- they have a real festive appearance to them!

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