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Festival Rave Contact Lenses

Become the life and soul of the party with our Festival Crazy Contact Lenses, which are ideal for those who want to have a few heads turning their way, whilst they're raving and headbanging away to festival music!

1 Day Use Wild Fire Festival Contact Lenses

1 Day Use Wild Fire Festival Crazy Contact Lenses

Price: £8.99

Set the place on fire with these 1 Day Use Wild Fire Festival Crazy Contact Lenses, which are ideal for festival goers, as they last for one day after the first day of opening, which means you won't have to got to the trouble of placing these lenses in lens solution, because once you've finished with them, you can simple throw them away. There's no mess, no messing around with lens solution, which means there's no trouble- it's easy! These lenses feature a burst of vibrant yellow, against a deep red, giving you a truly hypnotic appearance- perfect for festivals and raves!

EDIT Vampire Red Festival Crazy Contact Lenses

EDIT Dracula Fangs Goth Contact Lenses

Price: £8.99

Show off your fangs with these 1 Day Use Vampire Red Festival Contact Lenses, which feature a black pupil, which gives you the perfect vampire look! They're ideal for giving your friends and family a fright, and they'll also certainly draw people's attention to you too! These lenses are ideal for first time contact lens wearers, as they will keep your eyes feeling hydrated and fresh all day, which means they'll be comfortable wear all day long!

1 Day Use Whiteout Festival Contact Lenses

1 Day Use Whiteout Festival Contact Lenses

Price: £8.99

Last but not least, check out these psychedelic 1 Day Use Whiteout Festival Contact LensesThese white lenses will completely cover your eyes giving you a creepy ghoulish appearance! These lenses will give a daring edge to any outfit, and are certain to make you stand out in the crowd too!

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