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Feline Frenzy Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween Contact Lenses bring the edge to any Halloween costume due to their unique and thrilling designs, but for those of you seeking a more intense look this Halloween, you may want to check out these magnificent Cat Eye Contact Lenses.

These beautiful bold Yellow Cats Eyes Crazy Wild Contact Lenses are purrfect for a seductive feline Halloween costume, and these vibrant yellow slit black pupil contacts are fantastic for replicating Madam Rolanda Hooch’s eyes from Harry Potter. People will be absolutely astounded when they see that your eyes are that of a cat, they won’t be able to take their eyes off you due to your hypnotic glare! These contact lenses have proven to be a real Halloween favourite at due to their intensely beautiful design! They’re also available in red, white and green.

Why not purchase these Black Kitten Cat Coloured Contact Lenses which transform you eye into a black cat, whiskers and all! These contact lenses are perfect for Halloween as they’ll impress just about everyone you come across! These contact lenses give a really cute twist on any Halloween costume! Pair these contact lenses with Animal Print Lip’s and Stargazer Reusable False Eyelashes’to achieve an extravagant yet sexy look!

Do you want to dress up as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire cat this Halloween? Then why not try these captivating Cheshire Cat Crazy Contact Lenses that will give you eyes just like the Cheshire cat! Paired with these beautiful Stargazer Reusable False Eyelashes Blueyou’ll be the life and soul of the party!

Check out these viper contact lenses which come in huge blend of different colours! These Pheonix Eye Funky Contact lenses would be perfect for a lizard/viper/snake Halloween costume due to the contrasting colours of red and yellow these contact supply some real shock factor!

You can also turn your eyes into crazy dragon eyes by wearing these astonishing Dragon Eyes Crazy Contact Lenses which are a fascinating infusion of red and yellow colour burst against a black slit pupil. These contact lenses are truly beautiful and almost look like they can breathe fire! These lenses also come in a stunning white and purple combination called Purple Dragon Crazy Contact Lenses. Render your friends and family speechless by wearing these gorgeous contact lenses!

All of the contact lenses mentioned above last for (unless stated otherwise) 90 days which means you can enjoy them after Halloween! Visit to see more beautiful contact lenses and cosmetics.

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