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Evil Dead Movie Contact Lenses

Evil Dead Contact Lenses Banner

The hit 80’s horror film, Evil Dead has recently been revamped by Fede Alvarez. The gruesome horror film tells the tale of five friends who travel to a remote cabin, where they discover the Book of the Dead, which leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods. The evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival.

Colourvue Evil Dead Movie Contact Lenses

ColourVue Evil Dead Contact Lenses

Price: £17.99

Achieve the same wild eyed look as the cult classic’s demons, with these truly terrifying ColourVue Evil Dead Movie Contact Lenses, which will overlay your natural iris colour with a vibrant meld of vivid red and yellow. Giving you the same gruesome appearance of the demons terrifying, the teenagers in this re-instalment of Evil Dead are haunted by throughout the film! These contact lenses are perfect for Halloween, and various other calendar events, as they will last you entire 1 year after the first day of opening! This means they’re great value for money at their price of £17.99, because you’ll get plenty of usage out of them.

Colourvue White Evil Dead Movie Contact Lenses

White Evil Dead Contact Lenses

Price: £17.99

Pay homage to Ash from the original Evil Dead with these spine-chilling ColourVUE White Evil Dead Movie Contact Lenses, which will give your eyes the same possessed appearance the characters in the film get due to their body being under the possession of the demons! These lenses will make your eyes appear entirely white, due to their unique design, which will make your eyes completely white, yet due to their special mesh design, you will still be able see perfectly fine. Yet onlookers will only be able to see your white eyes, with no sign of your iris or pupil in sight! These contact lenses also last 1 year after the first day of opening, which means they have the same value for money as the contact lenses above, as they will only cost you just £17.99!

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