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Daenerys Targaryen Contact Lenses

Daenerystargaryencontactlenses Here at  we’re all big fans of George R. R. Martin hit fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire, and were absolutely thrilled when the HBO series Game of Thrones was announced, but were slightly disappointed to see that Emilia Clarke wasn’t sporting the same vivid violet eyes as Daenerys Targaryen, and the rest of the Targaryen house were well known for in the novels.

Therefore, here at’re offering these gorgeous Daenerys Targaryen Contact Lenses to fans of A Song of Ice and Fire, who wish to replicate the same legendary violet coloured eyes of the Targaryen house!

Danerys Targaryen Contact Lenses

Violet Daenerys Targaryen Contact Lenses

Price: £14.99

Become a part of house Targaryen with these vibrant Daenerys Targaryen Contact Lenses, which feature three different blends of violet making these contact lenses have a realistic appearance! These lenses are able to cover both dark and light eyes due to the vivid use of colours, and are great value for money, as they will cost you just £14.99, yet they will last you 90 days after the first day of opening! These lenses are perfect for a Targaryen cosplay, as they will give you the same enchanting violet coloured eyes as of house Targaryen!

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