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Cute Eyelush Circle Contact Lenses

If you're looking for a new look this summer, these beautiful Eyelush Series Natural Circle Lenses are perfect for you. As they will give your eyes a gorgeous natural beauty look, due to their 15mm diameter, which will make your eyes look bigger and Eyelush Aqua Natural Circle Lenses

Completely transform your look with these elegant Eyelush Series Aqua Natural Circle Lenses, which feature an innovative and unique lace design. This black lace design, which overlays the opaque colour of the lenses, will make your eyes much larger than their natural diameter, and will also help define your eyes due to the light opaque colour of the lenses, contrasting with the dark outer rim!

Eyelush Green Natural Circle Lenses

These Eyelush Series Green Natural Circle Lenses are ideal for the summer months, as they will give your eyes that natural glow you've always been looking for! The gorgeous tree green of these lenses will give your eyes that much needed pick me up, and their 15mm diameter will give your eyes a refreshed look. These lenses will transform your appearance, and will certainly get a few heads turning your way, as people will be simply amazed at the transformation your eyes have gone through!

Eyelush Brown Natural Circle Lenses

Eyelush Brown Natural Circle Lenses[/caption] Last but not least of the collection, check out these Eyelush Series Brown Natural Circle Lenses, which feature a chocolate brown shade, which will make your eyes really stand out. These lenses are very unique, and feature an unusual design, yet they will still look natural when you're wearing them. They will simply enhance your eyes! Plus, they're a great bargain for just £14.99, as they will last you an entire 90 days after the first day of opening!

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