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Creepy Whiteout Halloween Contact Lenses

Create a truly frightening Halloween costume this year by wearing some ghostly whiteout contact lenses available at the Funky Halloween White Contact Lensessection. The whiteout lenses are always a big seller at Halloween due to their diverse nature, as they can be worn with practically any costume!

Check out these haunting Crazy White Out Block Contact Lenseswhich will transform your iris into bizarre white pools. The white colour will completely cover up your natural iris colour, no matter whether it’s light or dark. They will also define your pupils and make your eyes appear larger. These contact lenses are fantastic for Halloween or fancy dress parties as they can be worn with a huge range of costumes, a ghost, a phantom or a witch to name a few! These contacts are a must have accessory for any Halloween costume!ColourVue White Zombie Contact Lenses are slightly similar to these contact lenses, but ColourVUE’s lenses have a slight black ring around the iris which helps refine the eyes.

If you’re really looking to freak out your friends and family this Halloween you should take a look at these creepy ColourVUE White Screen Crazy Contact Lenses that turn your eye completely white! The special mesh design of these contacts enables you to see through them whilst those who look at your eyes will only see a white screen! These lenses would be absolutely perfect for a zombie or ghost costume as they make your eyes appear dead and lifeless- they’re super creepy!

These ColourVue Viper Contact Lenses give you a really chilling appearance due to the elongated pupil and white iris. You’re certain to give people a fright whilst wearing these spooky cat eye lenses! These cat eye contacts are perfect for a creepy Halloween catwoman costume as they make your eyes look akin to that of a feline. These lenses are really sexy and seductive!

Check out more Funky Halloween White Contact Lensesat, where a huge range of Cosmetics and Crazy Scary Halloween Contact Lenses are available!

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