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Crazy Contact Lenses for April Fools' Day

Embrace your inner pranking demon this April Fools’ Day by purchasing a pair of our creepy Costume Contact Lenses, which are fantastic for any April Fools’ Day prank, as they’re great for adding the finishing touches to a spooky outfit!

Price: £14.99

Freak out your friends and family this April Fools’ Day with these unique Horny Demon Contact Lenses, which will make your eyes look like devil horns and a tail! These contact lenses make a bold and alluring statement, and everyone is going to be asking for your photograph when they see the psychedelic look of your eyes. These contact lenses have a durability of 3 months, which means you can wear them long after April Fools’ Day!

Price: £14.99

Check out these Blood Red Zombie Contact Lenses that will transform your iris in a deep crimson colour similar to that of a demon! These lenses are extremely diverse as they can be worn with practically any costume; from a vampire costume to a demon costume these lenses create so many possibilities! These contact lenses are perfect for adding the finishing touches to your April Fools’ Day costume, which will freak out your prank victim!

Visit for more of our Costume Contact Lenses, and whilst you’re there take a look at our Fashionable Contact Lenses, which are perfect for the upcoming April Fools’ Day!

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