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Circle Lenses for Halloween

If you’re planning to dress up as a creepy doll this Halloween they you’re definitely going to need the big dolly eyes to match, as dolls have abnormally large eyes which give them a really eerie appearance. Well you’re in luck, as a beautiful range of high quality Circle Eye Lenses at affordable prices!

Check out these gorgeous ColourVUE Big Blue Contact Lenses which will transform your eyes into a striking blue, whilst the ring around the iris will make your natural eyes look that much bigger! These lenses are absolutely beautiful but still have a striking appearance to them, which would make them perfect for a creepy Halloween doll costume! When people see your abnormally large eyes they will be absolutely amazed!

Take a look at these ColourVUE Purple Violet Contact Lenses which transform your eyes into a vivid violet colour. These lenses are perfect for achieving the ultimate anime eye look, as they give you the same adorable wide eyed look which anime characters often sport.  These lenses will give you a really adorable dolly eyed appearance, and will pull together you entire Halloween costume!

If you want a natural honey brown eyed look these Honey Coloured Contact Lenses are the perfect accessory for you, as they will give you beautiful honey coloured eyes. These lenses would not only work for Halloween but are also fantastic for adding added drama to your everyday clothing.

These Jade Green Circle Contact Lenses are a favourite amongst our Lolita costumers as they give the perfect natural large eye look. These lenses are really adorable, and when worn really transform your entire appearance. These contacts are must have accessory for any sweet Lolita, as sweet lolitas are always attempting to achieve the perfect doll like appearance- these lenses are certainly going to supply that look!

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