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Christmas Doll Circle Contact Lenses

Embrace the winter season this year by wearing these beautiful Big Doll Eye Circle Lenses, which are available in a range of different colours which will compliment your winter wardrobe.

If you want a natural honey brown eyed look this Christmas these ColourVue Big Eye Sexy Brown Contact Lensesare the perfect accessory for you, as they will give you beautiful honey coloured eyes which will complement the winter season colours. The feathered dark outer ring of these lenses will make your eyes look brighter and more defined. These contact lenses are the perfect Christmas gift for a lolita as lolitas are constantly attempting to achieve the wide-eyed doll look to complement their extravagant appearance.

Get elegant honey coloured eyes with these ColourVue Big Eye Honey Contact Lenses, which will transform your eyes into a rich hazel colour. These contact lenses are perfect for the winter season as the gorgeous honey colour of these lenses will complement the colours associated with Christmas, such as red perfectly. These lenses also have a fantastic 90 days life span after the first day of opening, which means they’re definitely worth their £14.99 price tag!

Check out these ColourVue Big Eye Dolly Green Contact Lenses which will change your eyes into a stunning jade green colour. The special circle lens design of these contact lenses will make your eyes bigger, brighter and more defined- people won’t be able to take their eyes off you-, which will give your eyes a dramatic appearance!

Make a real entrance whilst wearing these ColourVue Big Eye Dolly Grey Contact Lenses, which will make your eyes a serene grey colour. The soft grey of these lenses makes your eyes akin to that of winter snow and will give your eyes a sensational appearance by opening up your eyes to make them really stand out.

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