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Biohazard April Fools' Day Contact Lenses

Freak out your friends and family with these unique ColourVue Crazy Biohazard Contact Lenses which will transform your eyes, by overlaying the classic yellow and black biohazard symbol. Which will give you an alternative yet fashionable look, and are sure to give people a shock when they see that your psychedelic eyes! These contact lenses are also have a similar appearance to Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp symbol, which means you can pay homage to your favourite game/film whilst wearing these contact lenses, and can also give people a scare whilst you’re doing so! These lenses are great value for money as they will cost you just £14.99 and last you a whopping 1 year after the first day of opening!

Visit for more of our Costume Contact Lenses, and whilst you’re there take a look at our Fashion Fantastic Contact Lenses, which are perfect for the upcoming April Fools’ Day!


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