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Aqua Coloured Contact Lenses to Provide a Vibrant Change

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Aqua is perhaps one of the most mystifying colours, bringing attention to all the fine detail of the eye. Women everywhere desire the need for subtle change, whether trying to get a boyfriend or crush to notice or just seeking something different in a life of routine. No matter what your reasons are, you can use Petrifeye to get the aqua coloured contact lenses that can really add a great deal of charm to your lovely eyes.

Perfect for anyone of any eye colour, these aqua coloured lenses are non-prescription lenses that offer a nice change to the eyes that isn’t so different than you draw attention from the crowd, but different enough to allow you to get some extra looks and compliments as well. Blue is one thing, but aqua is so vibrant and mystifying that you just have to allow yourself to get the beautiful style that is offered through these contacts.

Available Choices of Aqua Lenses specializes in providing the top quality non-prescription coloured contact lenses that definitely offer a great look.


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These are quite magnificent coloured contact lenses that are really refreshing and can be used with dark or light coloured eyes. You get the extra benefit with Petrifeye as you are able to get a steal of a price, while also getting the care accessories needed to ensure you get the full 30 day wear from the contacts.

If you just need a special touch to your already gorgeous eyes, a great recommendation is the aqua coloured contact lenses offered at for prices much lower than you can find anywhere else. When it comes to cosmetic funky coloured contact lenses you get the widest selection with Petrifeye, ensuring you are able to get anything you want from single-tone to three-toned contact colours and even vibrant designs that can really change your perception of coloured contacts for good.

Visit in order to order your pair of aqua contact lenses today, giving you a price saving alternative to the movie quality contact lenses that can really change your entire style within the seconds it takes to put your new contacts in.



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