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April Fools' Day Block Contact Lenses

April Fools’ Day will soon be upon us, which means that you can prank you friends and family until 12 o’clock! If you’re looking to give someone a real fright this April Fools then these Block Colour Contact Lenses are perfect; due to the wide variety of designs available here at you’ll certainly be able to cause someone a real scare!

Price: £14.99

Take a look at these creepy White Block Coloured Contact Lenses, which will overlay your regular iris colour to transform it into a ghostly white! These contact lenses are a real bargain at just £14.99, as they a durability of 90 days. Which means you can wear them not only for April Fools’ Day, but you can also wear them for Halloween, Fancy Dress parties, and clubbing! Also, due to the 45% water content of these lenses you’ll be able to wear them comfortably all day long, as they will keep your eyes hydrated and feeling fresh throughout the day!

Price: £14.99

Plus, these ColourVue UV Glow Green Contact Lenses are great for achieving a funky look, as they are UV reactive and also glow a vibrant green when placed under dark or UV light! They have a life span of 1 year, which means they’re great value for money, as they will only set you back £14.99! They’re perfect for April Fools’ Day as they’ll shock just about everyone you see, when they realise that your eyes are glowing a psychedelic green!

Price: £14.99

Last but not least, check out these EDIT's Colour Vision Manson Contact Lenses which are contact lenses inspired by the rock God Marilyn Manson! These lenses will overlay your eyes with white, and place a black ring around the outer circle of your iris, which will make your eyes appear larger and more defined. Freak out your friends whilst wearing these freaky contacts!

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