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Alluring UV Halloween Contact Lenses

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your Halloween costume this year these magnificent UV Reactive Coloured Contacts are perfect for the job, as they’ll supply you with striking eyes which will send people into a trance when they look into them!

Check out these vibrant Green Neon UV Reactive Coloured Contact Lenses which literally make your eyes light up when under ultra violet light, but these contact lenses also look bright when under the naturally dark lighting. There are a huge number of Halloween characters you can play whilst wearing these contact lenses such as Shrek or The Hulk! These UV lenses are a real fashion statement and will definitely get you noticed in any crowd!  Pair these contact lenses with Stargazer Green UV Reactive Face and Body Paintto achieve a really psychedelic appearance!

If you’re looking to make a bold statement then these Orange Neon UV Reactive Coloured Contact Lenses are the lenses to buy, as they’ll drawn to attention of everyone you pass by! You definitely won’t fail to stand out whilst wearing these orange UV lenses! These contact lenses would be perfect for any Halloween costume as they’re so diverse, you can wear them with practically anything but here at suggest wearing these contact lenses along with Stargazer Orange UV Neon Eye & Lip Pencil Liner to really make your eyes pop.

If violet is your kind of colour you should set your eyes upon these gorgeous Purple Neon UV Reactive Coloured Contact Lenses which will turn your eyes a vivid violet colour. Under regular daytime lighting these lenses look like any other violet lenses, but when put under dark light or UV light they come ablaze! These contacts are truly beautiful and will make you the centre of attention wherever you may go! Use Stargazer 3.5g Blue Neon Eyeshadow or Pressed Powder to create an alluring and contrasting harmony between the violet and the blue colours.

Show off your feminine side whilst wearing these superb Pink Neon UV Reactive Coloured Contact Lenses. These contacts will give you fascinating glowing eyes, which are sure to get you noticed wherever you may go. Check out Stargazer Pink UV Reactive Neon Hair Gel to go along with these fabulous contacts. Bright up your hair as well as your eyes whilst wearing this amazing UV reactive neon hair gel! Make a real entrance that no one will forget whilst wearing these amazing products!

If you want to see more shocking Scary Halloween coloured contact lenses check out! You’re certain to find something to compliment your tastes! Don’t waste time as Halloween is just around the corner!

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