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Alice In Wonderland Contact Lenses for Halloween offers a huge range of Scary Halloween Contact Lenses which includes an extensive section of Alice In Wonderland contacts, which are perfect for Halloween!

Become a part of Tim Burton’s, Alice in Wonderland this Halloween by purchasing these magnificent ColourVue Cheshire Cat Crazy Contact Lenses which will transform your iris into a beautiful aqua colour, along we elongating your pupil into a beautiful cat eye. These lenses are truly beautiful and are guaranteed to get you noticed, no matter where you may be. These contacts are a vital aspect of any Cheshire cat costume, and are perfect for Halloween! These lenses are certainly worth their price of £17.99 as they last for 1 year after the first day of opening; therefore you can wear these contact lenses again and again!

Transform yourself into the famous Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp this Halloween by wearing these breathe taking Colourvue Mad Hatter Coloured Contact Lenses, which will make your eyes a beautiful lime green colour akin to that of the crazed Hatter himself! These contact lenses are absolutely stunning and you’re sure to draw attention to yourself whilst wearing these beauties, as people won’t be able to take their eyes of your gorgeous jade green eyes! These lenses provide fantastic value for money as they only cost a measly £17.99! Achieve the perfect Mad Hatter cosplay by purchasing these charming lenses.

Check out Stargazer 3.5g Pink Neon Eyeshadow & Pressed Powder which can be used to replicated The Mad Hatters intricate makeup! This vibrant Stargazer 3.5g Pink Neon Eyeshadow & Pressed Powder is perfect for Halloween as its UV reactive which means it glows under dark lighting and UV lighting, and it’s also highly pigmented which means a little goes a long way! Plus none of Stargazer products are tested on animals either!

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